Terra Cota Outdoor Oven Without Stand

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The Roundboy Oven is an outdoor wood-fired masonry oven.

The oven features a half-barrel refractory concrete oven dome with a refractory brick floor. The oven dome is between 1.5″ to 3″ thick in key areas. The oven dome is insulated by ceramic blanket insulation.

The oven also includes a decorative exterior assembly made of steel reinforced molded concrete. The exterior has a decorative stone texture in your choice of colors, along with a matching decorative brick-style chimney with a stainless steel smoke pipe.

> You can see the full oven dimensions here

You can see the assembly instructions here

Your oven arrives will arrive in a shipping crate with the following items included:

  • Exterior concrete panels in your choice of color
  • Interior refractory concrete dome panels
  • Refractory brick
  • Stainless steel smoke pipe
  • Decorative brick-style chimney cover with aluminum top
  • Ceramic blanket insulation
  • Cement mortar
  • High-temperature adhesive

5 reviews for Terra Cota Outdoor Oven Without Stand

  1. Rated 5 out of 5



    I picked up the oven last summer. I use the oven for small catering jobs. We Can Cook ANYTHING in the Roundboy Oven. My favorite non pizza to make in the Roundboy is Skirt Steak and Aspargus Parmesan. Roundboy Oven Company answered any and every question we had.The oven itself has lasted great and we travel with it. I also love supporting local companies and Roundboy hand makes the ovens in Pennsylvania and are skilled Masons of 30+ years. I hope you enjoy your oven as much as Coney Island Catering and all our guests LOVE ours!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve G.

    Great product for the money

    Once I started my quest for a wood fired oven I did a lot of reasearch on the internet and at home and garden shows throughout the south. I found the RoundBoy oven on Ebay. I made a phone call and talked with Karl as I had some questions that needed answered as this was my first venture with a wood fired oven. Karl answered all my questions and made the color of my oven to match the color of my mountain stone fireplace. I purchased the oven and had it shipped to North Carolina. I am well pleased with the product. My back yard project is nearing completion and my wife and I love the oven and all the great food we have made in it.

    RoundBoy makes a great oven that is easy to assemble by two people in a short amount of time. In your quest for a wood fired oven, don’t overlook this great product. You will be well pleased.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    MIke, Jeannette, Pa.


    I have contemplated a wood fired oven for many years. I just never had the time to build one. Then I ran across an ad for an oven kit and, after many hours of research, made in USA and free delivery, I took the dive and ordered. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the memories of my mother telling me about her and her mother and grandmother baking bread in their backyard oven every Monday, I was excited to give it a go.

    The oven arrived on a thursday afternoon. My wife had them put the crate in the driveway and I couldn’t wait to get home from work to see it. I arrived home around 5:00 pm and was like a kid in a candy store. I must have walked around the crate 10 times to make sure it was all there. I had previously downloaded the assembly manual and must have read it over and over untill I had the whole process committed to memory. I already had the stand constructed to the correct dimmensions per the website, so I dug right in and unpacked and inspected all the pieces. Everything was perfect. Well packed and padded and all there. I quikly laid the 2 floor panels onto the stand and placed the firebrick in there proper positions. Wife called…Dinner!!!!

    After dinner I had to take my granddaughter to a violin lesson, but was back by 7:45. My neighbor came over with his wife and we began assembly of the remaining pieces. Went together perfectly according to the manual and we were done by 9:30. I can’t wait to get the first fire inside her belly.

    Got home from work friday evening and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Went to my woodshop and gathered a bunch of kindling. I proceeded with the first fire…..pulled up a lawn chair and watched the flickering flames. My wife thought I was nuts. After a 2 hour small fire burn in my wife walked out with a frozen pizza shell covered with olive oil, garlic, tomato and cheese. I said the instructions don’t say to cook in the first fire. She said put it in anyway, I’m tired of hearing you tell me about how wonderfull the pizzas will be. “Yes Dear!”

    The darn thing cooked it just fine. It took longer than expected, but the pie was delicious. She is hooked!!!!!

    Thanks Karl for a great product made in the USA!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    So glad I chose the Roundboy!

    It took a lot of research before ordering a Roundboy. There are many ovens out there but in my opinion nothing touches the Roundboy for the price, quality, and ease of construction. Carl was great by answering all of my questions quickly. The thing weights about 1700 pounds but comes neatly packed on a wooden pallet. After reading the instructions and laying out the panels it took me, my brother in-law, and nephew a half hour to put it together! Everything fit right in place. It was actually fun putting it together! Looks great, works fantastic, and is a constant conversation piece with everyone that lays eyes on it.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    John, Eagle Rock Resort, Hazleton, PA

    Everything I expected and More

    The feature that was going to make our new lake house complete was a wood fired pizza oven. I searched and found ovens made all over the world, all different designs. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found the best one just up the road from us. Everything about it was perfect! After a couple conversations with Karl I rented a truck and made my way up to Mountain Top to meet him and pick up the oven. A nicer and more genuine man than Karl you will never meet. I was so fortunate to meet him in person and listen to him talk about the oven. His passion and love for the ovens he creates was clear. And the joy he takes in being able to share them with others was obvious. I only wished I had videotaped the conversation because I’m sure I don’t remember everything he told me. Honestly, if you have the chance, meet Karl and pick up your oven. The encounter totally completes what is already an exciting experience.

    Once I got the oven back to our house I got it unpacked. (Tip here: try not to do this alone as I had to. Lifting those pieces out of the back of a pickup bed was not great for my back.) Now the hardest part – the waiting while I found someone to build a base and finish it in some leftover stone we had from our house. Took much longer than expected, mostly due to my schedule, but finally found a mason who did an outstanding job. He even assembled the oven itself so I missed out on that. But no complaints. We could not be happier with the finished look.

    Cooking pizza on the lake is an absolute dream come true. I’ve got much to learn and will have so much fun experimenting. We’ve already had kayakers come by checking out the oven, maybe hoping for a free slice of pizza. I only wish we lived here full time – I think I’d be cooking pizzas every day! And I can’t wait to try bread in the oven.

    If you are at all thinking about getting a pizza oven, I don’t think you can do better than this one. And you’ll be dealing with people who love what they do and want you to love it too.

    Thanks Karl! You are truly a testament to “Proudly Made in the USA!”

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