Outdoor Pizza Oven Builders Kit (DIY)



The Roundboy Outdoor Oven is an outdoor wood-fired masonry oven.

For those who want to incorporate their oven into their own creative design, we created the Outdoor Oven Builders’ Package. This outdoor pizza oven kit includes the oven internal dome, but excludes the exterior decorative pieces found on our complete oven kits.

Note that the Builders’ Package also excludes the vermiculite insulation, as each unique installation will require a different amount depending on the space between the oven dome and your exterior finish.

The Builders’ Package oven dome features a half-barrel refractory concrete oven dome with a refractory brick floor. The oven dome is between 1.5″ to 3″ thick in key areas.

You can see the full oven dimensions here

You can see the assembly instructions here (Builders’ Package ovens only need to complete up to step 6)

Your Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit will arrive in a shipping crate with the following items included:

  • Interior refractory concrete dome panels
  • Refractory brick
  • Stainless steel smoke pipe
  • Cement mortar


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