Our Story

It all started in 2008 when Roundboy Outdoor Products co-founder, Karl, decided to embark on a project in his own backyard. He had wanted to build a brick oven hearth as a way to practice his skill as a 5th generation mason and create an outdoor space that he and his family could enjoy for years to come.


His final creation was a gorgeous outdoor oven with traditional charm and intricate detail. He used hand-picked field stone with traditional rope-joints contrasted with a simple but elegant red brick.

Our oven was finished, but the fun was not! We spent that summer enjoying our oven, learning to bake in it, and entertaining friends. We wondered how we could share this fun with the rest of the world.

We absolutely love wood fired cooking and we’re sure you will too!

That summer, Harry and Karl designed the Roundboy oven. The idea behind the Roundboy oven is to create an oven that bakes every bit as well as larger brick ovens, but in a way that just about anyone could build it in their own backyard.

The design is one that anyone can put together quickly in an afternoon. It is sold as a complete, 100% finished kit. No special tools or experience required, just a friend or two to help you out (we find the promise of pizza is an excellent bribe to get a friend or neighbor to give you a hand).

The Roundboy oven doesn’t skimp on quality in any way. We are able to sell the oven for such a competitive price because of our innovative design and sales volume.

In fact, the oven is better insulated than similar ovens. The novel, half barrel convection interior cooks a pizza every bit as quick as our larger custom brick oven. It holds heat for hours, especially when combined with the optional color-matched door & custom chimney cap.

The Roundboy oven is also perfect for the creative DIY’er. You can purchase the builder’s package kit and use the Roundboy oven dome in a creation that is uniquely yours. The builders’ package was used by co-founder Harry in his gorgeous lake-side oven with a beautiful flagstone facade.


What will you create with your Roundboy?